Dear George-

Your dedication to honing your beyond godlike talent with so much behind the scenes work paid off for so many of us trying to find our way. I listened to your cassettes in the early 90’s till I wore them out and I cried with happiness when you came out. Of course it was behind the glare of a media who made an example of you as they did with Paul Reubens, like you were a pervert because you were gay or something, when straight people can have sex in public and most cops would laugh it off. I hate that any of that eclipsed your songwriting.  I am embarrassed that journalists in the country I live in participated in such OBVIOUS HOMOPHOBIA. You wrote some of the greatest songs of all time and your voice has proven that miracles, even those we work hard for, are possible. I hope you’ve gone somewhere beautiful and reunited with those you’ve lost. Your work has done so much for me, so much that I can never repay. Sleep well beautiful genius.

LOve, Your Fan,