Tee shirt Collaboration/Artist of the week

January 12, 2015

I am so proud to announce that my band The Julie Ruin collaborated on a limited edition band tee shirt with the amazingly talented Seth Bogart of Hunx and his Punx and Gravy Train Fame. Besides being a stunning front person for his many bands, he is also a visual artist, designer, and writer.

Check out Sally McAlister below who modeled the shirt for us via Facebook! You can pick up one up here. Act now they’re going fast!!!

How did I miss this????

December 14, 2014

Watch out Filmore it’s The Julie Ruin with The Younger Lovers

October 30, 2014

SF. Saturday night. Can’t wait.



Just so you know

October 28, 2014

kathleen-hanna-and-adam-horovitz-by-maria-ivesI played a bass Melodica live onstage for the first time at the Joan Jett tribute concert. I also made a maybe too long speech about how one time some creep threw a bottle at Joan’s head and she got knocked down, flat out on the stage, and then got back up and finished the fucking song. A person could say “That is soooo badass” but to me it is so much more than some cliche’ phrase. I like to think that when she got up and continued, she didn’t just get up and play the song, she “got up” for the first woman who walked onto an all male construction crew, for the boy with the beautiful high pitched voice in choir class who everyone makes fun of but he just keeps on singing because it is his favorite thing in the world, and she got up for me, a feminist musician who has often wanted to just fucking give up. I am so honored to have played the benefit for “kids Rock” that honored Joan. It’s about all kids having access to music, and the kids there were so kind and enthusiastic, it just felt good.

A great night. And Roger Clark from NY1 was there (that’s our local news station that Adam and I are obssessed with). You can’t see it too well in the above picture but Adam actually has Roger and his co-anchor Pat Kiernan ON HIS GUITAR STRAP. So they are always close to his heart when he plays!

photo 1

The Julie Ruin live in San Francisco

October 14, 2014

kh eatingphoto 1 photo 2

Fresh off a mini festival tour of Mexico City (okay it was only one show), my band is now gearing up for our first West Coast show in a VERY VERY  LONG TIME. So, all my San Fran friends, please come out and see us play on November 1st at The Filmore! So excited to play SF again. TIX HERE IF YA WANT EM

Mexico City here we come!

October 10, 2014


Besides NY, my two favorite places are Rome and Mexico City. I’ve been lucky enough to play Rome a few times but never Mexico City and finally that day has come. SO, if you live there please come see my band The Julie Ruin play at The Capital Music Festival on Oct 11th and, if you are visitung from somewhere else, may I suggest touring Casa Luis Barragan? It was his private home for many years and is fun if you’re a fan of his architecture, or just someone looking from something totally interesting to do. Like walking around in someone’s vacant house…..a house so expressive it feels like rooms were parts of his mind.