Jacksonville Here I come

November 18, 2011

I’ve been way too busy to blog lately. I still really want to write about my amazing trip to Atlanta last week…I met a bunch of artists, did a Q and A, went to a women’s college (cue Facts of Life music here) and DJ’ed at a museum. It was an insane weekend and I got a lot of fucking attention. Seriously, it was like ME ME ME me me me. Thank god I eventually came home where my dog promptly reminded me that I am seriously not a big deal at all. Squirrells are big deals. Snacks are big deals. Mr. Carrot (her stuffed animal) is a big deal, and truly, Mr. Carrot is the real celebrity in her life. You should see how she freaks out when he enters the room!!! ANYWAYS, today I am going to Jacksonville in preparation for a zine conference at the public library so if you are in Jacksonville tomorrow……see ya there!   Also a PBS special called Women Who Rock is gonna be on tv tonight, I did an interview for it, not sure if I made the cut, but these things are always pretty entertaining to watch. I think I’m actually more of a woman who “shuffles” than “rocks” so hopefully I will have a massive role in the ‘Women who Shuffle’ series that is scheduled to play  in my alternate reality sometime next year.