August 12, 2014
chrissy piper

photo by chrissy piper

We may not be a band anymore but we still have tee shirts and LPs and tote bags and stuff for sale here. Rather than have it all end up in a landfill, which would be wasteful and very sad, one of our favorite independent labels, M’Lady’s Records offered to take the stuff off our hands. So when you buy our merch, you are not only getting something that will look and/or sound awesome, you’re also supporting a label that puts out great music (Mecca Normal, The Hysterics, DEAD MOON, Finally Punk) I mean, shit, this stuff is great. After our merch is gone it’s GONE. FOREVER STYLE. So act fast. Word is I may have just found a box of our first record, the actual 12″ ‘play on a record player’ kind in my garage and those will be up for sale soon, and that is seriously the end of those.