Okay now I’m Just Showing Off

February 9, 2012

This is a picture of me with two of my favorite artists of all time Neal Medlyn and Carmine Covelli (who I also play in a band with) . Many people have been asking us when our damn record will finally come out…which, don’t get me wrong, is awesome and flattering, but all I can say is we are not in the business of rushing things and realize that in the end, taking breaks from the band to do things like Carmine performing in Neal’s amazing show Wicked Clown Love (as a singing DJ/wrestler), Kenny continuing his busy schedule performing with fellow downtown luminaries like Taylor Mac,  Sara teaching at her very own guitar and drum school, Kathi working on some extra secret bizness , and you know, me sitting on the couch watching People’s Court and blogging…this may sound like we are slow pokes but in reality it is all adding to the excitement we have about what The Julie Ruin will soon be releasing. We’ve been working hard in our home studio everyday, in between People’s Court episodes of course, and things are definitely moving ahead.   On a sidenote, NYC and Brooklyn is having a total renaissance and some of the best art and performance is happening here, now….I am so honored to be surrounded by such amazing energy. Thanks to Murray for snapping this pic!