Outdoor Movie in NYC

May 23, 2011

Nothing is funner than watching a great movie under the stars in New York City and on Monday, May 23rd, at 7pm in Chelsea, behind a big building on a huge screen this new group is playing the awesome movie Strange Powers for free!!!. It’s a documentary about Stephin Merritt and his band the Magnetic Fields and it is really good (even if you don’t know anything about the band.) I remember playing a show after the Magnetic Fields in DC one time and watching how devoted their fans were and being really freaked out by it. It was like this whole other weird subculture I knew nothing about. The movie shows how the songs come into existence, and the sweet tension between Stephin and his amazing bandmate/manager (yeah, I know it’s crazy) Claudia Gonson, who seriously has the voice of an angel. I didn’t know shit about this band besides seeing half a show that one time and I left the screening wanting to know more and having a total art crush on Stephin.

Anyways if your in NY and looking for a fun thing to do, it’s free and bound to be a blast.