Slam Dunk

December 2, 2011

Seeing Fugazi was life changing for me. The bleak landscape I was trodding through (BF- before fugazi) suddenly turned into color, and dare I say it, they made me feel hopeful.  Guy Picciotto is hands down the best front man since Freddie Mercury and when I watched him perform it always felt like destiny brought him to that particular stage on that particular night. He always struck me as a character from a twisted fairytale more than just some guy who happened into a band..not so much larger than life, more like a person who was born to be onstage. And Ian MacKaye is not only a great songwriter but also funny as shit. The guy has a  kind of impossible charm and also the ability to say what he means so precisely in one one phrase . It can’t be easy to be the canvas every American punk boy projects himself onto. Suffice it to say I love this band. They are putting up an archive of all their concerts soon. Thank god for punk rock archivists!!!