July 9, 2011

This is me at 17. Two years before this was taken I had reddish brown feathered hair and was secretly still playing with Barbies. One year before I had a bob and looked like a 16 year old soccer mom (I was going for preppy but soccer mom is what actually happened). I’ve been thinking about being a teenager a lot lately because I recently did an interview with Izzy from Care Bears on Fire for my friend Matt Wolf’s Teenager blog. Also because I am teaching a lyric writing workshop on Monday at the Brooklyn Rock Camp for Girls. I remember being nervous as a teen, numbed out and self hating, but it was also such a great time for experimentation and figuring out what my aestetic was, what kind of music I REALLY liked vs.what was cool. I went thru a truly embarrassing Jim Morrison faze and I HATE what the Doors sound like.  I think it was more about his pasty drug ridden body. A year before that all my fantasies were fueled by a huge black and white poster of Mikael Baryshnikov in tights. WTF???? Weird to look back and not have any memory of where you were coming from. Anyways, it gives me so much joy to know that these teenage girls are making music together. I mean seriously, I couldn’t even imagine being in a band when I was in highschool.

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