Wed March 16th!!!!

March 14, 2011

Karen Finley has been one of the three artistic guides in my life. I’ve only spoken to her briefly twice because I always feel like I will start crying in her presence. She is the reason I was able to continue playing music in Bikini Kill when things got rough. Karen Finley gives a shit so much that on stage she doesn’t at all. The first time I saw her it was like watching Patti Smith turn into Evil Knievel and then stunt cycle all around the room. I am introducing her at a reading for her new book on Wednesday. So, if you want to see me pathetically holding back tears and/or ignoring her because I am super nervous and trying to act cool, you should definitely come. Actually you should come because if you do you will get to hear Karen Finley read from her book for free and that means NYC is still fucking awesome, so don’t miss this!